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VOIP Telephone | Multi-WiFi | Bigger Networks

We provide more than fast and reliable broadband, we can also enhance the network in your home, office or campus

Choose from one of our standard offerings below, or give us a call to talk about a fully managed IT network, locally hosted servers or anthing else to make your home or business IT work the way you want.

Residential Telephone Service now Launched

Gigabeam customers can now save up to £200/year on their phone line rental through our partnership with Vonage. To see our special pricing for Gigabeam customers, please click the link below. Please note: These special prices are only available via this link and not with Vonage direct.

Click Here for Vonage VoIP Deal

We’ve got you covered

State of the Art IP Telephony

We now offer Voice over IP telephony (both single phone lines and full PBX functionality) with prices significantly lower than ordinary phone lines.

For residential (single) phone lines, see our exclusive Gigabeam – Vonage offer above. For business telephony or more than one line, please enquire through our sales@gigabeam.co.uk email.

Multi WiFi Solutions

Larger premises require more than one WiFi point to provide coverage throughout, particularly outdoors.

Our Multi-WiFi systems from ZyXEL means that you can be rest assured a fully managed IT system, from the internet, through our own Network and throughout your property or campus. No longer will you have to prove that your equipment is at fault, as we install and maintain it all.

Supporting Bigger Networks

Whether you need a network with configured Ethernet Switches, or want to securely transmit data across multiple locations, we’re here to help.

Working with your IT Partner

Do you already enjoy 3rd party IT Support? Ask them to talk to us about how we can support them and take a joined-up approach to your IT. We also welcome IT businesses to partner with us and work together with customers.