Rocket Fast Local Broadband

Speedy broadband
for your home

We specialise in providing fast and reliable broadband in rural areas

Kids can’t do their homework? Not able to work from home? We feel your pain.

Stop waiting for empty promises about super fast broadband coming soon and get in touch with us; we promise you a warm reception.

  • Home Lite
    £29.99 Monthly
    • Capped at 10Mb /sec Up & Down
    • 200GB /mth fair usage
    • From £250 Installation
    • 24 month contract
    • Dynamic IP
    • Standard Care
    • Home prices Include VAT@20%
  • Home Extra
    £59.99 Monthly
    • Our fastest speeds, typically 30-70 Mb/s
    • Generous 1,000GB /mth fair usage
    • From £250 Installation
    • 24 month contract
    • Dynamic IP
    • Standard Care
    • Home prices Include VAT@20%

Bookings & Pre-orders

To make a booking or ask us a question, please contact us at

Right now we are rolling out to villages in a 20-mile radius of Winchester in Hampshire and our focus is on community broadband projects.  If you’d like to help you please get in touch by email at or give us a call on 01962 678620.

Rocket fast broadband for Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Sussex, Kent

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We’ve got you covered

Great wired and WiFi networks for Homes of any size

Our routers have been specially picked to offer the best performance with our high speed broadband network. And if your house doesn’t currently enjoy WiFi everywhere, speak to us about our custom indoor and outdoor multi-WiFi Access Point services.

Speedy Downloads and Uploads

With speeds up to 50 mb/s both up and down, you won’t be left in the internet dark ages. And because our uploads are as fast as our downloads, photo and file sharing as well as video conferencing like Skype or Hangouts is now much smoother and higher definition.

Family Safety

Online safety is a concern for many families. We have routers and services on our network that can help you to avoid inappropriate websites.

Easier than Plugging in!

Our installation includes professional router install, we will even help you get your wireless devices connected so you can be enjoying fast internet straight away.